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My best memory was the first AAPC conference which was a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas's. This was awesome.
Great education and great fun!!

Lets do it a again.
Gail Ragan
My earliest memory with AAPC was finally receiving the envelope in the mail that had CPC after my name. There have been many more memories since, So many memories were created thru AAPC, I have attended National and Regional Conferences, served as an officer for many years, and mentored coders. With the help of my credential so many things have been experienced and I look fwd to what is yet to come. Thank you all of my friends, i am glad AAPC brought us together. He us to new memories! #iamAAPC, #AAPC30
First Memory

I remember when I took my CPC exam. I drove 30 minutes to another town, back then we had only 5 hours to take the exam and if you left the room your time stopped. No one could leave when they finished the exam until everyone had finished. Still can't believe I passed it on the first try.
Needing to prove myself

My first memory of AAPC was taking the CEMC exam October 29, 2011. I was already certified in coding by AHIMA, and my position at the time included auditing E/M coding. My supervisor, who had a financial auditing background, questioned my competence for the job because I wasn't certified specifically to do that. So, while I was angry, I decided to prove to her that I was good enough and signed up for the exam. Passed with flying colors in only about half the allotted time. The test site was an hour and a half away and I was driving like a madman home to be a major snowstorm that was about to hit our area. I was about a mile away when it started and by the time I got home, the roads were treacherous! But I did it - passed my first AAPC exam, and haven't looked back since.

Building Confidence

Having a completely different back ground nothing close to healthcare and on top of that haven't worked for many years going family way was an added challenge. Getting trained in Medical Coding and then passing CPC(2012) on my first attempt was one of my most unforgettable moments. Through AAPC forum, I got my first job. This not only helped me build my confidence, but also got to learn a lot about the field. I am still climbing the ladder of learning one step at a time. I just got my second credential CRC(2018) in June. Perseverance and dedication are key words for achieving anything. Thanks to AAPC for constant motivation.

Indira Mantri
? on obtaining employment after becoming ceritified

Good morning everyone. I am new to this forum and I am currently in the process of taking my online courses to become a CPC. I am losing my current job as a medical secretary because the doctor I had worked for went into a different scope of practice and since they were unable to find another doctor to take his place they need to close the office. My neighbor is a coder and is able to work from home. I am very interested in doing the same, but I wasn't sure just how hard it was to be able to obtain such a job. I have been speaking with my neighbor but since she has moved to Hawaii we don't speak as often as we used to. I am just posting this question in hopes to get some feedback as in what steps I need to take to find employment after I am certified. My classes end in December and I have a tentative test date scheduled Nov. 3rd. I am hoping to be able to take the test by then. Thank you for any thoughts or recommendations you can give. Hope you all have a nice rest of your day! :)