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My memory is regretting to get into coding, i got certified last August and to this day cannot find work, I spend so much time and energy to pass this test for nothing.. very disappointing
No, i haven’t still working at my old job. Was hoping to change careers to healthcare but apparently was wrong.

Don't get discouraged, in my personal opinion this could happen with most careers at first, you go to school, you graduate, get certified then employers don't want you because you need 2+ years of experience. It happens and you have to be really patient. One thing I can suggest is just keep trying, I was fortunate to find a job 3 months after finishing school I was making about 25,000 a year when I started, I got my experience and moved to a bigger place, which now I'm making 52,000 a year. I did have to put a lot of effort and personal time. I submitted resumes online and in person, I would contact my school daily to have them help me more and more find jobs and have interviews. It wasn't easy trust me, but in the it was worth it.

Coding and billing has been growing so much, I don't definitely think its a bad field, especially considering they have plenty of work out there and the comfort of working from home.

I would suggest create a profile in linked in, if your city has a chapter, attend the meetings and network A LOT! Most of the times, what helps is who you know and not what you know. Know that there is someone out there that will be willing to hire you as a new fresh coder. I look for most of the positions for coding on but also try the employment forum. Make sure your resume catches employers attention, short and straight to the point.

I am more than happy to assist as much as I can if you need any other advise.

hope this helps!
don't get discouraged!