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I am coding Psychiatry Emergency Services and came across a note where the pt needs to be admited into the hospital for a medical condition however the pt is refusing. The pt is sent to PES to evaluate the capacity for refusal of treatment.

I know the cpt code, but what would the ICD 9 code for capacity or lack of?

If the pt does not have the capacity, I can code the mental disorder(s) but what about the incapacity itself, I was given V71.09, but I was wondering if there was any other code I can use?

And what if the patient has the capacity to make the decision and no mental disorders are found?

Thank you!!
You might want to consider 780.97. I'm sure you know that usually the change in metal status is usually linked to a specified medical condition, but this can be used. If no mental disorder is found, then I would just code the chief complaint, unless the medical note gave more detail. :)