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I work in the mental health department and I was wondering how do you find more information about the new category II and if and when the code 300.00 is going be taken out or if it will be replaced. Any information on how to find out about current updates for mental health would be great. Thanks.
I do Mental Health Coding and what Category II codes are you referring to? I have not heard anything about 300.00 being taken out since you have other digits that can reflect Anxiety. Have you heard something about this?
For the PQRI they have the category II codes for reporting and the quality measures that go along with them.
I looked up the new category II codes for 2008 i'm guessing they would be used more towards the medical physicans than the psychiatrists since they are already taking care of patients with major depression. There was a workshop in October of 07 in Arizona about "Taking out the mental heath code 300.00" and I just wanted to know more information on it. If anyone knows about that workshop please let me know. Thanks.

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