MH codes eliminated in 2013?


Iowa City, IA
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I heard several rumors lately that in 2013 they will be deleting MH codes? I have heard two different things....1) that all of them will now be E/M code and 2) that 90862 will be the only code that will be going away. Any one able to shed more light on this?
This is part of the article that the National Council put out.

At this point the American Medical Association (AMA) has released only general information about the code changes. We understand that additional details about the new coding schema will be available on or about August 31, 2012 and we will make this additional information available to you as soon as it is released.

The summary below is from a chart published by the AMA. Most significantly code 90862 (Pharmacologic Management) has been eliminated. We believe that the expectation is for psychiatrists to use general evaluation and management codes (99xxx series). These codes are used by most physicians, but have not generally been used in behavioral health settings.

AMA accepted the following coding changes:

establishment of code for pharmacologic management with concurrent deletion of code 90862;
revision of Psychiatry guidelines;
addition of code 908XE for interactive complexity;
deletion of codes 90804-90809, 90810-90815, 90816-90822, 90823-90829, 90857;
addition of codes 908P10, 908P10X, 908P20, 908P20X, 908P30, 908P30X, 908CP2, 908CP2 for psychotherapy; and
revision of codes 90875, 90876