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The question has been asked: The mid level sees the patient(s) and the supervising physician follows behind, sees the same patient(s), comfirms what the mid level's exam and findings are and then directs the mid level to perform an additional service (ie trigger point or joint injection) as needed.. unless the key components of billing an e/m level are meet by the supervising physician, he can not bill an e/m correct?

Or is there a process that is documented that I am missing?

I need to confirm this in writing. I have printed the E/M sevices guide from the Medicare website (MLN) but also need clarification.

I hope I have been clear enough.


hello i code for ER's for different states, i have to follow their guidlines. for medicare for example usually requires an attestation stamp which states the er Physician examed the patient and stated the plan of care if the er phys. signs and complestes a stamp the PA or NP's tracking # is put in along with the DR"s if the DR did not sign then the PA or NP gets credit for it and you put their billing # in. confusing huh?