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What DX code does everyone use when an x-ray is taken of hip, abdomen, pelvis, anything really post op to search for missing needle? Even if the X-ray is negative?

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As long as the needle is not located in the patient I would use the V71.89 as they are missing an item and need to rule out that it is not within the patient.
Ok, what would you have used if the needle was in the patient? Or let's say it was even a sponge (any foreign object)?

Thank you for your input.
998.4 whether it be a needle, sponge, cloth etc..... As long as the patient is still on the table (which for those counts they normally are) or immediatly post op. My physicians dictate "Post op xxxx count inaccurate, check patient for xxxxx" as the reason and then "xxxxx has been located in patient" then list where ever it is at. I will also add whatever appropriate E codes are available.

Sorry for the drawn out explanation... I have learned that I must be VERY specific on here even if you and I both know what we are talking about :)
Cblack- Thank you so much! That was a great explaination. I have just one question, could I still use that code even if the exam shows no foreign object was found?

Thanks again!
No, you would have to stick with the V71.89. Not to mention you wouldn't want to open up the operating physcian to a potential suit for something that isn't there.