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Bradenton, FL
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We are wanting to start a mobile unit to provide care in various places - private community centers, beaches, parking lots, country clubs, etc. We will have 5 MD's and 9 PA's, and will have a PA on the mobile unit. We are wanting to do everything as standard office - LN2, E/M and Surgeries, just on a traveling mobile unit. Since this is new to us, I am looking for any helpful advice. I posted this same question on the AAPC Facebook page, but no response. Thank you in advance for your advice!

Also, I was wondering the legal guidelines for the Housebill 431. It says an MD can only Supervise 2 locations for PA's within 25 miles. Is a mobile unit considered a location? And how does that work for coding purposes? I know we would need to use POS: 15, but then there are other articles about using the POS that represents the best service provided, which would almost be like POS: 11?