Wiki Modifier 26 & TC for OD Diagnostic Tests

Blaine, MN
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I need some further clarification on when we should split bill using the 26 & TC modifiers for our ophthalmologic diagnostic testing. We are a specialty clinic and own the testing equipment. My question is when our optometrists order the diagnostic testing that is performed by a technician employed by the practice and interprets it, should we be only bill the professional component or both professional and technical components? My understanding has always been that if the testing is performed at the physician's office, either by a physician or a technician employed by the practice we wouldn't split bill because the practice provided both components of the service. We are getting information that we should only be billing for the professional component. If anyone has any knowledge and can assist me, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you, Jodi Peterson, OCS Twins Cities Eye Consultants
Hi - Do you have a specific code and encounter example? I'm wondering if there's something with supervision requirements or codes like 92136 where the bilateral rules vary based on 26/TC involved. But, generally speaking, reporting the global service (pro and tech) for providing the global service looks right!