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would it be right to use modifier 51 when a shaving of a lesion was done at the same time as an excision of a benign lesions same side of body and same area. example: 11403 and 11301

thanks for the help
Kim b
I don't think so; maybe

Use:Level two HCPC modifiers, LT, RT; unless the insurance company requires you to utilize level one modifier 51. If the two codes are bundled, use 59 on the code positioned as the indented context ( the code that is bundled into). But then, 11301 may be inclusive into 11403.
shaving of lesion & excision of lesion


The lesion was on the same side of the back. One was a shaving and the other was an excision so that is why I thought I should use modifier 51. If I am understanding the definition for modifier 59 it has to be on a different site.

thanks again

example is: 11403 3.5 cm
11301 - 51 2 cm

This is how I submitted the claim