Question Mohs Consult w/Mohs Scheduled


Bradenton, FL
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I've seen this question asked several years ago, but the responses weren't as clear as I hoped. So I have a large Derm office with 15 Providers and 2 Mohs surgeons. Our Mohs surgeons want to bill an EM to evaluate the patient for Mohs, prior to having the surgery. Example: biopsy = malignant, and Mohs is a possible option. Patient is then scheduled for evaluation w/Mohs surgeon (in our Practice) and "attentively" scheduled for Mohs a week later. If Surgeon states Mohs is appropriate, then patient is already scheduled (spot held) and we bill an EM for his "consult/eval". If Mohs is not the appropriate option, then we cancel the saved spot and move forward with new treatment option and EM billed. Is this considered bundled in any way, seeing as how when we are scheduling for the Mohs "consult/eval", we are also holding a spot for surgery as well - in the event Mohs is recommended and we are not fighting for a surgery slot? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!