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Good afternoon,

I work for a Cardology group with multiple doctors who perform different procedures on the same day.

How would you code the following;

99223-25 by Dr. A 5/1/12
93010 by Dr. A 5/1/12
93010-77 by Dr. B 5/1/12
93306-26 by Dr C 5/1/12

When the claims were printed out in-house 99223-25 and 93010 were on the claim together because they had the same doctor. The other two were separated because they were done by a different doctors in our cardiology group. Would anybody append -59 to 93010-77 or 93306-26 because they are stand-alones on the claims?
Thank you for your attention! :)
I dont agree with the -59 usage. But what if the E/M for 5/1/12 was billed out on 5/3/12 without a -25 modifier? And then the ekg for the same doctor was billed out on 5/8/12?
We are being told to add -59 to late billed ekg's. Would you do this?