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When a colonoscopy is done and polyps are removed by snare, hot biopsy and just a biopsy is done all at different areas in the colon how would you code this?
multiple techniques

"The AMA indicates that if multiple techniques are used on different lesions or polyps then the procedure report should specifically describe the technique, the type of lesion and the location of the lesion...each code should be reported only once even if multiple sites are treated with the same technique. If different techniques are used on separate sites then the code with the highest value should be listed first on the claim. Other codes should be listed with modifier '59' to identify that the services was performed at a separate site."

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I would code it 45385, 45384/59, and 45380/59. It isn't very often that you end up with three codes but it does happen. I have never had an issue with payment. I have had an operative note requested though. But again, I had no issue getting payment. Have Fun!