Wiki multiple ekgs in one day for medicaid


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I'm having a problem finding anything on how medicaid wants these billed. We recently took over 2 new offices and we are trying to correct things but I need something in writing stating that medicaid wants these on the same claim. Example: 93010 with 3 units and no 76 modifier. Can anyone help? Thanks
You will need to contact Medicaid in your state since it is state specific and each one is a bit different. we always bill multiple line items with a 76 on the second and subsequent and has always been paid.
Multiple EKGs

For our state Medicaid we had to enter the modifier and add the time of the EKG in box 19. I believe we used the time it was performed. Hope that helps.
I had a question on this thread and it wouldn't let me reply directly, so here's what I found out.

OH medicaid requires us to list all EKG's on the same line with the number completed reflected under units. OH medicaid does not accept 76/77 modifiers. They will accept 59 modifiers however.