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Duluth, MN
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I can't seem to find any info to say yes or no on this.
Can you bill code 28192 more than once for the same foot.

My MD removed multiple foreign bodies from 2 separete incisions in the same foot.

Can I code 28192 for each incision or does the code include all done in the same foot.
There is a MUE edit of 2, so this is indicating to me that it would be limited to "per foot". But you have an unusual circumstance here.

I think I would try billing per incision, with a mod-59 on the second line and send in the documentation/Op Report with the claim as they insurance will have to review it. And wait and see what happens.

If the patient is medicare, I wouldn't even try probably due to the MUE edit.
Insurance is Blue Cross of MN. So I will try using the 59 modifier. thanks for the help. I didn't even think to look at the MUE numbers. That will help me in the future as well. Thanks again.