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Mukilteo, WA
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I'm trying to code for gouty tophi excisions done on multiple fingers and can't figure out how to do this...

The code I found to use is 26160 (if you have a better one for gouty tophi then by all means correct me). The doctor performed the excisions on the left index, middle, and ring fingers, and also on the right thumb and index finger. However, the right index finger had 3 separate gouty trophi removed (separate incisions as well).

Since these are all separate structures and incisions, I take it that I can bill them all? Should I report 26160 x7? If so, there is not nearly enough room for all of the finger modifiers. Or should I do a separate line item for each finger and its corresponding anatomic modifier? That seems tedious and I'm not sure if the insurance carrier will accept that...

Thank you for your help!