Multispecialty Taxonomy- New to Credentialing

Muscle Shoals, Alabama
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2 part question:

#1-Our practice is set up with a Multispecialty practice taxonomy. We have Cardiology and Family Practice (MD and CRNP). Insurances will not pay for a new patient visit for both the Cardiology physician and the family practice CRNP or MD within the 3 year time frame. Should we be able to even though they are at the same location? If so, would this be a credentialing problem?

#2- We are adding a Women's Wellness CRNP to our practice. She will be doing pap smears, breast exams, hormone replacements, etc. From all my research, we will not be able to credential her as a specialty CRNP due to her not having a OBGYN over her, her collaborative doctor will be a Family Practice MD. Is this correct?

Thank you!