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Section Notes - 96521-96523 Refill/Upkeep of Drug Delivery Device - (96521-96523)
Refill/Upkeep of Drug Delivery Device

INCLUDES: highly complex services that require direct supervision for:

- consent

- patient assessment

- safety oversight

- supervision

parenteral administration of:

- anti-neoplastic agents for noncancer diagnoses

- monoclonal antibody agents

- non-radionuclide antineoplastic drugs

- other biologic response modifiers

the following in the administration:

- access to IV/catheter/port

- drug preparation

- flushing at the completion of the infusion

- hydration fluid

- routine tubing/syringe/supplies

- starting the IV

- use of local anesthesia

therapeutic drugs other than chemotherapy

EXCLUDES: administratoin of non-chemotherapy agents such as antibiotics/steriods/analgesics

blood specimen collection from completely implantable venous access device (36591)

declotting of catheter/port (36593)

home infusion (99601-99602)

Code also drug or substance

Code also significant separately identifiable evaluation and management service, if performed