Nail debridement, nail avulsion, I&D paranychia


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Hi Just wanted to get clarification on the procedures below and wondering if it's coded correctly. Any thoughts?

PROCEDURE Each nail border was debrided of callused nail grooves, incurvated and ingrown areas, hypertrophied cuticle and mycotic and necrotic debris. Betadine solution was used to cleanse each nail plate for antiseptic reasons after debridement was performed.

OPERATION the affected areas were prepped in the usual sterile manner. The initial approach was made with an english nail splitter using that instrument to excise the nail border spicule along the full length of the nail from the tip to the eponychial attachment., Using a freer elevator and a medium hemostat the nail border was removed. The defect was curretted clean removing all necrotic and calloused nail groove and diseased cuticle.

The pus pocket paronychia abscess was incised and drained and any visible necrotic skin and tissue removed., The surgical wound was dressed using a Betadine pad drain, antiobiotic ointment, 4x4 digital cut, kling and stockinette.

CPT: 11721, 11730, 10060