Question Nasal and septal fracture repair

Strasburg, CO
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In this procedure my doctor is say he performed 1)septoplasty with open reduction and stabilization of septal fractures 2) open reduction of nasal bone fractures with stabilization
But in the OP notes, I don't feel like an open reduction of nasal bone was performed.
First a traditional septoplasty is described along with septal fracture reduction, he also performed SMR, then details the closure and the doyle splint were then placed bilaterally and secured to the septum.
"Following the completion of the septoplasty and stabilization, i then proceed with open reduction of nasal bones. A boies elevator was placed medial to the right nasal bone, and using traction in a lateral and ipwards trajectory, the nasal bones were able to be reduced and set into the midline. This also allowed the septum to sit in a more relaxed position superiorly. An identical procedure was then performed on the left side in order to reduce the caudal edge of this left nasal bone, which was severely comminuted. Once adequate reduction was achied, an aquaplast splint was carefully placed using benzoin, steristrips, and a thermoplastic splint."

I do not feel this describes and open reduction of a nasal fracture. I was leaning towards 21336 & 21320?