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I am new to family practice coding in CA and would like to see if anyone has any resources they can share.

I specifically am looking for information on coding nebulizer treatments and the trigger point / arthrocentesis procedures.

Any tips, suggestions or websites would be greatly appreciated.


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Clovis, CA
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We do trigger points in our office, as well as arthrocentesis. Most insurances will no longer pay for an office visit and either of these injections at the same time. They have decided that the patient must be coming in for that issue and there is no reason to pay an office visit. Anthem started this practice and others have followed suit.

Trigger points are billed per muscle group, not "per poke". My doctor likes to say something like, "the hard knots were injected 8 times", and I always have to ask him, "how many muscles and muscle groups?"

Both triggers and joints include the "caine" (lidocaine, marcaine). You bill for the steroid if you used one (depomedrol, kenalog, dexamethasone, etc.). If you did not use one, then bill for the caine drug with a zero dollar. If you try to bill these injections with no meds they will deny as they assume you are "dry needling" which is experimental.