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Hi again- I posted this in January, unfortunately, losta views, but no responses, It's still a bruhaha because the codes most folks use: 56501/57061 don't work because of the "where". Basically a chemical destruction of a cervical lesion-the latest doc discussion is A) use an E/M B) use unlisted 58999, or C) go with ones above and "hope it includes cervical area". PLEASE so tired of doc and admin discussion to death-any experts out there that can help with this? THANK YOU!!!!

Our doc "destroyed a lesion on the cervical trunk using 1cc of Trichloracetic Acid, for non inflammatory disease of the cervix". Because it's the cervix (not in/around vaginal area) we don't feel 57061 is appropriate, and are thinking of using 58999 unlisted proc and send with notes. Does anyone else out there have a better suggestion of a cpt? Thank you!


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1.It is a procedure on the cervix uteri.
2. it is a chemical cautery with trichlor acetic acid or silver nitrate what ever, a chemical.
3. hence the code assignment should go with the cervical cautery category. But it is not hot (thermal ) or cryo or laser .
Since we do not have a separate code for the chemical cautery, I would go to suggest this:
There is no specific code for chemical cautery of the cervix- because the procedure simply involves just the application of a silver nitrate or trichloracetic acid stick to the cervix and does not require any specialized equipment or expensive materials.
But if the physician work to be appreciated well, you can bill it with an unlisted procedure 58999.Otherwise, it could be just considered as an incidental to the exam and bill E/M only and also bill for supplies using 99070( supplies and materials, except spectacles) provided by the physician over an dabove those included with the OV or other services rendered.
Thank you