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Hey everyone I need help. In our office we have just switched over to EHR. We still are in the transition of paper chart and EHR. My question is, When the provider (we have PCC's for the paper chart) writes the POV on the PCC it is meant to be in the order that the provider wants them. Since we are also using EHR the providers dictate in to the system using dragon. What the provider dictates is not in the same order as on the PCC in the paper chart. Is it legal to rearrange the order of POV to one match what is in the dictation or not. Also if the first POV listed is say a history V code with other payable diagnosis is it illegal to move the history diagnosis to the end due to insurance not paying on V codes this is with the dictation also stating the V code first in the plan and assessment. Thanks for your help. Just am a little confused.