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A patient had a excision of a AV fistula due to a enlarging aneurysmal fistula of the brachiocephalic and basilic vein transpositon.

Would it be correct to code 36832? This is the only code I can find and been looking but I can not find any information to this so I am hoping someone has a Dr. Z book and can help me out....

He also did repair of bracial artery x 2...Because of the large dead space of the excision a a 7 mm round drain was put in place.

Can any one give me so advice on this :confused:

Thanks in advanced ~
Yes, the correct code is 36832 because it is a revision of the AV fistula, even though it is an aneurysm. The only time you would code it differently is if the graft was infected and in that case you would use 35901-35907.

I had to get an expert opinion from our corporate coder the first time I encountered this.

Hope this helps, Dawn
You can also bill for repair of the brachial artery.

I would check the OP note to see how the artery was repaired and code appropriately (with the appropritate modifier).