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Hello all. I am a new coder. I am having trouble w/ the 5th digits for the 640-649 series.

I have a pt 5d post-partum w/ HTN. Pre-eclampsia complicating the pregnancy.

I coded 642.41--pregnancy delivered with mention of antepartum complication during current episode of care. It was recommended to use 642.44 post-partum condition or complication.

Can anyone explain the 5th digits here? 5th digit 4 reads to me like it is just a post-partum complication only.

Thanks--I appreciate any and all feedback. SB
5th digits Chapter 11

If the patient is still in the hospital from the delivery (current episode of care) the fifth digit code would be 2 (642.42). If this is a foll0w-up or the patient was re-admited or in observation for the problem (a new episode of care) the fifth digit would be 4 (642.44). There is a good description of the uses for the fifth digits on page 199 of the 2012 ICD-9.
I hope this helps.
Ruth Perkins, CPC, COBGC
5th digit

Hi This is Prabhu from chennai india, befor coding fith digit u have look for the procedure, The fifth digit can be changing for the procedure, For c/section or normal delivery the fifth digit should be 1, for pre adjustment or cerclage procedure befor delivery u have to use 3.Post partum curitage or placenta extraction procedure after delivery or some other diagnosis after delivery u can use fith digit as 4.U just corelate diagnosis to procedure that will make it simple.Thank u,have a nice day...