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Ahmadabad, GJ
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Please help with appropriate CPT code.

The patient exercised in the treadmill for a total of 10 minutes, reaching stage 3 of the Standard Bruce Protocol achieving an estimated workload of 10.1 METS. The resting heart rate was 79 BPM and increased to 169 BPM at peak exercise, representing 100% of age predicted maximum heart rate. The target heart rate for this patient was 167. The resting blood pressure was 110/70 mmhg and at peak exercice was 128/72 mmhg.The blood pressure response to exercise was: normal / hypertensive / hypotensive.

Overall exercise capacity: above average / average / mildly reduced («20% functional capacity) / moderately reduced (<20-40% functional capacity) / severely reduced (<40% functional capacity)

During the exercise, the electrocardiogram was: normal / abnormal with:
1-2 mm horizontal ST segment depression.

The reason for termination of the exercise was: Patient reached target heart rate​
Arrhythmias noted: PVC’s

Duke treadmill score 6
Rest: Normal LV size
Normal resting wall motion

Proper augmentation of all LV wall segments-yes

Overall stress EF 60%