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Please help coding following Colonoscopy: 6 polyps extending from the cecum to mid
transverse colon cold biopsied and rem. by cold biopsy bites. CPT: 45380 - 59
6 polyps from transverse colon to rectum removed via snare. CPT: 45385 also 4 polyps in the rectum were also fulgerated. (I dont know why but am thinking I can only code
the two codes as I mentioned above Any help would be appreciated
Thanks, Deb CPC
I would also code it that way. You are probably going to link the 45385 with 211.4 and then 45380 to 211.3 but in addition, you may also want to report in box 19 where the polyps were removed from so that you are not going back and forth with the insurance company. sometimes this helps.

1. 45385 211.4, 211.3 box 19-Rectum
2. 45380-59 211.3 box 19-Transverse colon