Need help on venous angioplasty , Thrombectomy and thrombolysis. Please help me !!


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Hi All,

Please help me with the below scenario. My question is that, can we use 35476 x 4 & 75978 x 4 for all the four veins treated with angioplasty or reported only once. Also please give me the codes for remaining procedures mentioned below. All procedures were performed at same session.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

"Procedures performed:

Right popliteal venogram; right deep femoral venogram right common femoral venogram right iliac venogram, PTA of the right deep femoral vein, PTA of the right common femoral vein, PTA of the right exteranl iliac vein, PTA of trhe right common iliac vein; aspiration thrombectomy using angiojet thrombectomy catheter of the right deep femoral vein, common femoral veinexteranl iliac vein, common iliac vein thrombolysis using tpa."

Thank your very much in advance!

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