need help....pneumolysis code ??


Chennai, India
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im searching for thorcoscopic pneumonolysis code......???

but i got open 32940...but procedure done by VATS

if u know please help me...:confused:

thank you... :)

i think this will help u..

The chest was entered in the 7th intercostal space in the midaxillary line.
It was evident that this was an empyema space. A copious amount of
loculations were encountered. Free floating pus and murky fluid were
encountered. Intraoperative cultures were sent. Intraoperative cytology was
sent. Pleural biopsy was sent. For over 2-1/2 hours, meticulous dissection
was carried out, and pneumolysis was carried out to free up trapped lung. The
pleural rind was lifted up off the right middle lobe and right lower lobe.
The right upper lobe was quite rigid, and there was a point of adhesion to the
chest wall. This was left undisturbed given the fact that it was highly
adherent onto the chest wall. Hemostasis was obtained. Three chest tubes
were placed. Intercostal nerve block was given in the form of Exparel. Two
straight chest tubes and 1 angled chest tube were placed.
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