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Mayfield, KY
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Procedure Note:
This patient underwent left heart catheterization including left ventriculography and selective coronary angiography with subsequent right femoral arteriography and successful use of a Mynx device after the patient was prepped and draped sterilely again. Versed was used for IV sedation. After the right inguinal area was anesthetized the femoral artery was entered percutaneously and a 6-french sheath was placed. A 6-french pigtail catheter was introduced and advanced into the left ventricle. After pressures were recorded an left ventriculogram was obtained in the RAO projection with 30 ml of contrast at 12 ml per second. This catheter was then withdrawn while pressures were recorded. It was substituted for 6-french number 4 left and right Judkins catheters and selective coronary angiography was obtained. After removal of the catheters right femoral arteriogram was performed and the Mynx device was used successfully after the patient was prepped and draped sterilely again. She tolerated the procedure well with no complications.

I have chosen 93458. Do we charge for the right femoral arteriography?
Thanks in advance for your help!!
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