Need help with brachial artery AFDSA


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I work for a payer and I'm just trying to verify the codes on a bill - not familiar with cardiology. I don't even know what AFDSA stands for (I found Digital Subtraction Angiography but can't find what AF is). ANYWAY - here is the procedure and the codes:

Operation performed: Right arm brachial artery AF DSA with supervision interpretation.

Patient had arterial bleed following penetration of his wrist secondary to the inadvertent accidental automatic power nail embedded. The nail was removed in the ER and there was arterial spurting. The idea of the procedure was to identify any extravasation of contrast such as a penetrating artery aneurysm or pseudoaneurysm and to intervene appropriately if necessary.
Operative procedure: Utilizing a percutaneous antegrade puncture, we negotiated the lumen of the right brachial artery above the elbow with our microcatheter system. Using a total of 35 mL of Optiray contrast, we then delineated the flow of blood from the distal brachial artery above the antecubital fossa down through the forearm delineating both the ulnar and radial arteries and then at the level of the wrist consistent with the penetrating trauma we performed multiple views with magnification in both AP and oblique right and left and cranial, caudal views. We did not visualize any evidence of any significant extravasation of contrast or thrombosis of the vessel and the ulnar distribution. This was the combination of our procedure. We removed the sheath from the arm. The total fluoroscopy time was 1 minute and 11 seconds. We held compression to the arm x10 minutes and we rewrapped the ulnar area of the wrist so that later the orthopedic team could decide on what a potential casting or support would be appropriate for the wrist area. At the conclusion of the surgery, the patient was transferred directly from OR2 to PACU in a stable condition.
They billed 36217 (Selective catheter placement, arterial system; initial third order or more selective thoracic or brachiocephalic branch, within a vascular family) and 75710-26 (Angiography, extremity, unilateral, radiological supervision and interpretation). Are these correct?