Need help with coding Alzheimer's with manifestation code

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In a study group that I'm a member of, we came across a practice test question that we're totally stuck on.

To summarize the question, a patient with Alzheimer's is having an outpatient procedure done, completely unrelated to the Alzheimer's, and has become aggressive. The physician ordered anesthesia, which would typically not be required, so that the procedure could be completed. We have the DX for the procedure, but we've hit a wall with diagnosing the Alzheimer's and the manifestation. The exam says we're to have four ICD-10-CM codes; the first one we have, but then what do we do about the Alzheimer's?

So the exam has 3 blanks left to complete and we've got G30.9 for Alzheimer's (first) and the manifestation code of F02.81 (second), but we're still left with one blank. The answer key says the second blank would be G30.9, then the third would be G30.9 and the fourth F02.81. Wouldn't that mean we're coding the G30.9 twice?

Any help or suggestions or advice is GREATLY appreciated.