Need help with e/m coding

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Hello there ...

Wanted to know if anyone knows a place that will explain furthur how to choose the correct e/m code for the particular visits to ed .. Or physician .. Am still very confused on how to use it ... Any help would be greatly appreciated ...
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Determining the levels of history, exam, and MDM are equal across the board. You just have to read the necessary levels required for a specific service to verify you can select that code. These vary across places of service, type of patient, etc.

In other words, a problem focused history is a problem focused history no matter whether it's in the ED or office, etc. The components necessary for the code assignment.

For example, 99282 requires all 3 components to be met to assign that code.
An expanded problem focused history;
An expanded problem focused examination; and
Medical decision making of low complexity

If the MDM level is straightforward, it's not a high enough level to meet the criteria.
You just have to read the guidelines for the code to determine how many components are necessary and what level they need to be.

And I'm not sure what you mean by specific to a physician. All physicians are held to the same standard.