Need Help with hand procedures, A.S.A.P. :0)


Redding, CA
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ok, so I'm just going round and round with myself trying to figure this one out, so if you guys could help me, I'd so much appreciate it!

The procedures performed were:

Decompression of the flexor sheath to the right index finger
Decompression of the thenar and middle palmar spaces
Division of the flexor retinaculum
Epineurolysis of the median nerve
Evaluation and drainage of thenar space.
Exploration dorsum right hand.

I'm thinking that 64704 or 64708 is for the median nerve epineurolysis, but I wanted to go with the 64704 because they are working in the area of the median nerve at the hand, not the arm. I also found 26037 and 26045, but I'm completely not sure what is right! Please please help! I'm so lost. This is the first time I've been so overwhelmed since I finally started getting a handle on ortho.