Need Help with OP note I&D


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Procedure Performed: Irrigation and debridment of a left hip wound with placement of a drain and primary closure.

Postoperative Diagnosis: Left hip wound dehiscence with a large hematoma

Patient is status post ORIF of left hip in December. There is a hematoma which dissected throughout the hip wound. The wound was opened and a large hematoma was evacuated which is approximatly 13cmx5cmx4cm. Blood appeared to have clotted and also evidence of necrotic fatty tissue.
Using Metzenbaum scissors and 15blade all necrotic fatty tissue were debrided at this time. Hematoma remained superficial. The wound was irrigated with 12 liters of antibiotic solution and closed primarily using vicryl suture in multiple layers to close the dead space and a Jackson-Pratt drain was also placed deep into the incision and passed through the skin and anterior to the previous wound and attached to a suction bulb. The suction bulb as attached to the suction and the drain was sewn in place.

I am stubbling over to make a decision for CPT 12005,12020,10140,10180,11010. Does anyone have suggestions if any of these codes fit the op report or if there is another code I am missing. Your help is greatly appreciated.