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Hello Everyone,
I need your help in gathering some info concerning pay and bonuses being offered nationwide for us coders. I am trying to find out what other systems are offering as incentives for their coders for retention, productivity, and quality. If anyone would be so kind as to share with me what they may have been offered or received and how that incentive program was organized I’d appreciate the assistance. You don't have to be too specific if you don't want to (ballpark figures are OK) but we are interested in pay scales, incentive and retention bonuses and programs in place at your workplace. And if your job has different levels for coders such as Code I, Coder II or Coder III etc. and can give me the pay scales for each of those and any bonuses they offer that would greatly appreciated. You can reply to this thread or email me directly at

Thanks In Advance
Coding Assistant: $16.53-24.79 (charge entry, OP diagnostic coding-pro fee and OP facility)
Coding Specialist: $19.65-29.47 (OP diagnostic and procedural coding, pro fee and OP facility)
Coding Specialist II: $21.42-32.13 (OP diagnostic and specialty procedural coding, E&M, minor procedure coding- pro fee and OP facility)
Coding Specialist III: $23.37-35.06 (Inpatient coding, Surgical specialty coding-pro fee and inpatient facility)

We have productivity and accuracy standards that need to be met, but there is no financial bonus for exceeding those standards, other than possibly the ability to code from home. We have considered it, though. There is no retention bonus program, however we pay their AAPC membership (corporate), and have a robust education program that secures most of their CEUs for the year. We also pay them to attend AAPC Chapter meetings, since they get CEUs for those.