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Venice, CA
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I have to learn a new specialty - E&M Coding for Ophthalmology. I am very experienced with more traditional E&M but Ophthalmology is a different animal all together. Most of the seminars I see advertised are for eye surgery but none address E&M for Ophthalmology specifically. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Jimmy, I know its been a while but hopefully, this can be of some help. Yes, the eye services are a differ animal I also code for these services. I found that you benefit from doing a cheat sheet and knowing your abbreviations, the place where I work, the use a lot of abbrev. I also use the standard E&M ov codes (99212-99214,99201-99204), and I also use the 97 DG since this is a speciality. Ex:they do a SLE ou(slit lamp exam of both eyes) lll(left lower lid),c/s:conjunctiva/sclera, K:cornea, ac:ant.chamber, L:lens, c/d: cup to disc ration, EOMS:extra ocular movement. If you send me your fax no. I can send you the elements of an eye exam using 97 DG, any questions call me if I don't respond to this thread soon (you know how it is when coding for productivity (smile). Margaret 313-576-1227.