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Can anybody suggest me that 90772 and J0735 can be billed together.

90772 states subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of injection but clonidine as an injection given into a specific part of spinal column (epidural space).

I think these two codes can not be billed together.

Any suggestions !!!

Prem, B.Pharm;CPC
so, is there a different procedure code being used? (like from the 644xx area or another CPT area - 62310, etc...) - if so, you wouldn't be using the 90772 code.
{that's my opinion on the posted matter}
Only two CPTs

Hi Donna,

There are are only two cpts

90772 and J0735

ICD is 338.3 and written in red mark that Can we bill J code & 90772 for this patient.

This is a super bill for family medicine


Prem, B.Pharm; CPC
prem, after reviewing J0735 - I don't see where it states that it's for "an injection given into a specific part of spinal column (epidural space) only".
So I'm thinking that yes they can code both together (J0735/90772)

what makes you say that J0735 is for spinal column only?

thanks -
Epidural administration.

Hi Donna,

As per my knowledge clonidine can be administered as tablets for High BP and as well as injection for pains and as patches.

The ICD given was 338.3 neoplasm related pain.
It is used in combination with opiates for epidural use for relief of cancer pain.

90772 states subcutaneous or intramuscular administration.

Please let me know if I am wrong.

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I agree with Donna. It sounds like you should be using a procedure code such as 62310 or 62311 with J0734. 90772 wouldn't be for an epidural.