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I have a report that I'm having trouble with coding the procedure. Patient is a male w/urethral graft. MD has PO dx as recurrent UTI's, urethral hair, Mullerian duct remnant. the procedure is urethral laser of foreign body and cystoscopic evaluation of ejaculatory duct. Body of the op states, cystoscopy was carreid revealing the reconstructed urethra which has normal caliber all the way through, including up to the proximal anastomsis into the prostatic urethral. Hair was identified in the mid-pendulous urethra and using holimium laser, this was ablated at the base of each hair to permanently depilate this area. A ridgid ureteroscope was advanced into this opening to view, there was a large cavity underneath the prostatic urethra, most likely a Mullerian duct remnant or some prior cystic cavity that had walled itself off. Bladder was drained and scope removed.

My question is would this be a 52353? or ?????
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
I had a case with hair in the urethra before. It was suggested to me to use 52214 and dx code 996.76.