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As a coder I sometimes have problems when coding because of the lack of a dx. that doesn't meet the LMRP's or when coding surgeries sometimes they don't document the excision length , depth etc. It takes my time and delays everything when I have to query or call to get an order with the missing dx because they didn't put it down to begin with.

So I am putting together a "FYI" flyer to send to physician offices and the physcians as reminders of certain things that coders need on a daily basis in regards to proper documentation. It just makes them be more a little more specific. I would like to put 10 items on this list of a "DID YOU KNOW......" and then specify what it is.

I have come up with.... not to use symbols (up and down arrows), acute or chronic, size of excision, the need of specific dx for each test in regards to lab, rad. cardiac, etc. And of course the last one that they can call us if ever they have questions.

Is there anyone out here who encounters some of these same problems or other problems and could put some input so I could get my list together?

abbreviations, rule out/possible/probable, dx priorities, missed charges (i.e. injection with no meds, UA not marked but done, etc..).

Those are just a few common ones off the top of my head, hope it helps.