Wiki Needle biopsy of the thymus


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Please help me code this procedure. The physician states that under generous local anesthesia using CT guidance a 19 gauge trocar needle was advanced into the thymus gland. Multiple small fragmented core specimens were obtained with an E gauge spring biopsy needle. Both needles removed. Post biopsy scanning show no acute hematoma or pneumothorax. Small pneumomediastinum presumbably air introduced from the external environment. Pt. tolerated procedure well without immediate complication. impression: Successful CT guided biopsy of thymus gland. No immediate complications. Small window for needle biopsy. Small fragmented core specimens obtained. Was not overly aggressive at obtaining larger core biopsy smaples as the thymus appears more normal in size and shape on today's study - less prominent than previously. I cannot find anywhere a code for needle biopsy of the thymus. Closest thing is biopsy medinastinum, 32405, but that needs a modifier (50, LT, RT). I am at complete loss does anyone know how this should be coded and if you have any material supporting the suggested code, that would be very much appreciated also. Thanks!