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I need help. I'm still working on the icd-9 section of the on-line. When I look at the neoplasm table . I see no reasoning in the way it is layed out. When I am looking at the review test and the statement is" male breast cancer" I can't understand the way I would look this up in the neoplasm table when I look them up in the index it refers back to the neoplasm table grrr . I see no consistent system of looking up the info. What am I missing I have read the section many times i see the bone and canal ect. Sections but what is the flow that I am missing. At this point I am staled and I really need to get moving forward. Thanks Linda:confused:
Neoplasm.....breast.........male..........choose associated code...go to choosen code in numerical section to be sure it is the best/correct choice. This is the same process for all neoplasms/skin lesions. Always verify codes in the numeric section, do not use direct from alpha index.

Well you are right I see it under connective tissues. Maybe I just have to look at things differently in coding then in nursing. I think my brain infarct started with looking for ovarian cancer. I think we could have done the list better.:D thanks Linda