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As I read the 2009 CPT-4 book for codes 96413-96417, I believe that I am interpreting IV push medications are included in this code.

Could someone verify if that is the intent of these new codes.

Thank You

Karolyn P
senior biller

for the IV push 96409 and 96411 you have to charge the 96411 x how many
pushes if you give the chemo iv infusion first that is how I read it
Thank you for your response. I may not have worded my question quite accurately. When you read the "includes" portion under the Intravenous Infusion heading, there is a list and intravenous/intra-arterial push is reported.

This is where I am trying to determine whether this service is now considered part of the Infusion package.

Thanks again.

Karolyn P