New CIRCC test versus Old CIC test

Should CIRCC test be longer than CPC, CPC-H-it's so detailed-or less questions?

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I'd be interested in seeing how the new CIRCC test compares to the test that Medical Assets (CIC credential) gave before Dr. Z got involved with the CIRCC tests since the Medical Assets folks were grandfathered into the CIRCC credential. I'd also be interested in the pass/fail rate as compared to the CIC test.

Extensive time management and very fast reading is a must. The CIRCC test was packed full of complete coding scenarios with just 5 1/2 hours to complete. This was alot of reading/coding in a short period of time, considering CPCs are taking the same amount of time for their credentialing test. I wonder if increasing the time allowed or decreasing the number of questions would be more insightful to coding knowledge versus test taking ability since this is a very detailed area to code.

Anyone have any insight into this?