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Hello all,
Have many of you noticed that employers are now asking for coders to be EPIC certified as well? What is going on here?:(
Regarding EPIC

To Patrice1

In the facility that I am in the hospital Physicians are using EPIC and the rest of the facility is going to be using EPIC very soon. It is their way of streamlining.

Software certification is particularly desirable for any entity looking to hire. This means that they don't have to spend time/effort/money training you on their system, and that you have the detailed knowledge to hit the ground running....much like the requirement to be an experienced coder. It's all about efficiency and finding the best person for the job.

We don't use EPIC, but we use Soarian and NextGen, and both software companies offer "certification". I've found that if you're familiar with EHR and large billing/practice management programs as a whole, the transition is fairly easy, if you have good software anaylsis skills. Market that in your interview, and you might be a contender, even without the software certification. Once you're hired, you might be required to obtain your certification, but hey...knowledge is a good thing.