New EBUS codes 31629 w/ 31653 or No?


Yucaipa, CA
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When the new EBUS codes (31652 & 31653) came out I reviewed the NCCI for edits and it came up without edits (except the ones that CMS made adjustments to in April '16) the problem is the societies (CHEST physician and AABIP) both recommend that we not bill the 31629, 31628, 31632 or 31633 with the 31652 or 31653. I suspect that the societies would not print an article based on opinion, but obtaining their source has proven difficult. Once again, CMS is not stopping us. I attempted to attached the articles in case anyone would like to read them, but there seems to be an error. Does anyone know where this information is coming from? Has anyone come across the societies and CMS not agreeing on something like this?