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We code interventional radiology and sinc ethe beginning of the year our 3 codes are getting denied for missing modifier, 36569, 32551, etc.

Anyone else running into this?

California based radiologist doing procedures from Hospital
Modifier issues with 61635, 61630, & 37215 w/medicare

I'm in VA and I'm suddenly getting denials from medicare on the intercranial angio with/without stent codes stating I'm missing a modifer.

Now on the one I have with the 37215 the patient is enrolled in the Saphire study and we used the QO modifer and getting a denial for invalid location. This was done as a outpatient procedure.

On three instances of the 61635 & 61630 we did bill with a 51 modifier and RT or LT. The lastest one just has the RT modifier. In all of these we are being told we are missing a modifier. . . .

Any help on a direction to go on this would be great!