Wiki new nephrostomy codes for 2016


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With the new code changes in 2016 wasn't sure what to charge for this. Antegrade pyelograms with conversion of bilateral nephroureterostomy tubes to retrograde ureteral tubes via the pts. ileal conduit. Pt. placed in left lateral decubitus position on table. Both back and anterior abdominal wall prepped and draped. Under fluoro right nephroureterostomy tube injected with contrast demonstrating flow through the nephroureterostomy tube to ileal conduit. The existing nephroureterostomy tube removed over wire advanced out the ileal conduit. A 10 fr retrograde ureteral tube was advanced over wire through ileal conduit and ureter into right renal pelvis. The wire retracted and distal loop of tube formed within right renal pelvis. This was done on the left side as well. Injection of both retrograde ureteral tubes demonstrates them to be in good position within their respective renal pelvises. Do I charge 50688 and 75984. Can I get the injection 50690 and the removal 50382 with the 50688? We code IR for the hospital by the way. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just starting to code for IR so it's new to us. Thanks!