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If a new patient came in for an annual exam and also had other problems not related to the annual that was diagnosed and treated by the physician would we charge a new patient E/M or and established e/m. I thought it should be the new patient since the patient has never been seen before. It was the same day as the annual. First time visit.
if you're charging a new patient preventive service - AND an E/M - the E/M should be an "established" patient code - and they were seen "before" - remember - at that preventive visit :) that counts as "seen before". Hopefully the documentation stands alone for both services being charged out.
I would code the preventive as "new" and problem-oriented as "established"... I say this because the patient initiated the visit for the preventive, right? And, it's easier to get an appropriate level for the problem-oriented visit at this point since you only need to meet 2 of 3 key components. Mod -25 on the E/M (problem-oriented visit)...