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My physician performed a Aortic Valve Replacement. After the patient went off bypass, there was noticeable bleeding from the ascending aorta right above where the valve was. Patient was put back on bypass and aortotomy was performed. Because the wall of aorta was so thin around where the valve was placed (due to old age) the surgeon put four Dacron supported sutures from outside the aorta to within to support it.

I doubt it, but is there a separate CPT code for the sutures? Would you advise appending modifier 22? Just want to make sure.

Also, another question. This same physician performs 'classic' double valve double patch procedures through the left ventricular outflow tract. This is where both the aortic and mitral valves are replaced. The surgeon speaks of lowering the patch into position and then placing the valve into position. Then a patch of Dacron is placed on the exposed portion of the mitral annulus with sutures to hold it in place so that he can complete the Lt atrial closure and the septation of the ventricle from the atrium. The sutures end up closing the Lt atrium and sutures the valve into position. Then, he moves on to the aortic annulus. He says then that the patch was placed above the mitral prosthesis then onto the patch they threaded the valve. Finally, the Dacron patch that was sewn up the sides of the aorta from the mitral annulus is used to close the aortotomy. I CAN'T FIND ANY CPT CODE RE THIS PATCH! PLEASE HELP:confused:
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You might get a quicker response if you post in the CT surgery forum. I have asked our surgery coder to look at your question as well.